Probate, Estate and Trust Administration

As part of our long-term commitment to our clients, we are here to assist families upon the death of a loved one. During this emotional time, we help our clients in the fulfillment of their fiduciary responsibilities. We ensure that assets are transferred in accordance with the client's estate plan in as seamless a manner as possible and that all legal and tax requirements are met. To that end, we provide a full range of probate, estate and trust administration services including, but not limited to, the preparation and filing of:

  • Probate Administration Documents
  • Probate and Fiduciary Accountings
  • Federal Estate Tax Returns (Form 706)
  • Massachusetts Estate Tax Returns (Form M-706)

In addition, our attorneys are regularly called upon by our clients to serve as Personal Representatives (Executors) and Trustees to administer our clients' estates and Trusts.

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